Saturday, October 15, 2011

The white sound (Das Weiße Rauschen) : The soundtrack of a paranoid schizophrenic

Lukas takes a trip on magic mushrooms. Lukas is not coming back.

Driving through the countryside, Kati, Jochen and Lukas take some magic mushrooms. One of them, Lukas, is not coming down from them. Hearing voices like multiple different low turned radio programs, changing and mixing altogether. The diagnosis of the physician: paranoid schizophrenia. Not able to filter and interpret the sensations presented he encounters fear, inner voices, paranoia and is drifting away from reality.

The film does not become a clinical case study, but tells an interesting story about a young man, Lukas, who moves to Cologne to share a flat with his older sister Kati  and her friend Jochen. At first everything is going fine; they spend their days full of recreation, but when he abandons his university studies on the first day just because he can't find the enrollment office ,and when a date with a girl goes a little bit wrong the audience begins to suspect that there's something wrong with Lukas. Lukas' schizophrenia attacks become almost physically tangible through very clever use of camera and sound. Whenever he is about to have one, the coloured footage moves to black and white. After the schizophrenia first breaks out, the movie becomes a very intense experience (similar to the films of Darren Aronofsky or even to "Das Experiment"), because on the sound track you hear the same cacophony of voices that begin to torment Lukas...

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